The production program includes shovels with a capacity between 4.6 and 17 m³, supporting boards for excavators and various clamping tools for heavy construction machinery.

The most advanced wear-resistant and high-strength types of material by renowned European producers (e.g. SSAB, Dillinger Hütte …), adequate infrastructure (machines for mechanical processing of metals and cranes (up to 32 tons) along with skills in the field of welding technology provide high-quality final products aimed at working under the most demanding conditions and major loads (construction, mining).
The photos show a 10 m³ shovel, weighing 10 tons and featuring a width of 3300 mm and a height of 3100 mm.

Capacity 17 m³
Depth 3500 mm
Width 4400 mm
Height 3200 mm
Weight 16500 kg

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